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They are basically necessary for the pages to work well, allow you to navigate our sites and use the various features. For example, remembering previous steps, typing text, makes it easier to use when navigating back to a page in the same session. These cookies do not identify you individually.

  1. PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS COOKIES - They help you understand how visitors interact with our sites by providing information about the sites they visit. This helps us improve the performance of our sites and optimize our ads. For example, we use analytics cookies to provide information about how much time visitors spend on the site, how to use certain features of the site, and any problems they encounter, such as error messages. Conversion cookies allow us to measure when someone clicks on an ad and then later visits the advertised website and performs a predefined action there. Conversion cookies are not used to target ads, and are only stored for a limited period of time.
  2. THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS - In many cases, we use external service providers in connection with the provision of services. With regard to personal data processed in the systems of external service providers, the external service providers' own data protection information applies.
  3. DISABLING COOKIES - If the User does not want such an identification mark to be placed on his / her computer, it is possible to set his / her browser so that it does not allow the placement of unique identification marks or only certain unique identifiers, but in this case it is possible to some Services will not be accessed by the User or in the form in which the User has authorized the placement of IDs.

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